DEVELOPER: gnarhard


RELEASE: 07.26.2024

TYPE: game

PRICE: free

AVAILABILITY: app stores

LANGUAGES: english

ESRB: T for Teens

supported platforms


Gigabull's minions have captured 10 sacred thumb drives containing songs forged in the Pits of DAW by The Builders and it's your mission to retrieve them. Blast your way through the lunar system and retake your home planet from Gigabull as one of the last surviving pilots of G.N.A.R. (Gigabull Nebula Attack Reserve). Customize your ship and become a powerful space fighter pilot in this fantastical, retro-style, bullet hell space shooter.

Each song from the album, Ox Send, will accompany a level in the game. Starting July 26, a new song and level will be released every month.


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marketing assets